Raman Wide Angle Dichroic Filters

Our new line of standard Raman spectroscopic filters offers superior performance for wider angle of incident (AOI) and cone half angle (CHA) with angle tunable capability.

GraphPass Band Range [nm]Reflection Range [nm]ProductPrice From
532 DLP Wide Angle538.9-824.5530-534532 DLP Wide AngleUS$550.00
633 DLP Wide Angle644.7-1200350-633633 DLP Wide AngleUS$550.00
785 DLP Wide Angle804.3-1200780-790785 DLP Wide AngleUS$550.00
830 DLP Wide Angle845-1600350-830830 DLP Wide AngleUS$550.00
1064 DM Wide Angle1077.8-1645650-10681064 DM Wide AngleUS$405.00

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