Coating Services For Optical Parts

Iridian provides coating services for a variety of component materials such as glass, silicon, semiconductors and certain plastic substrates or films. Precision coatings can be applied to beam-splitters, prisms, lenses, mirrors, windows, ferrules and laser facets.  Both prototype volume and high volume capability is available.

Coating types range from simple anti-reflection (ARs) to broadband ARs to more complex bandpass, multi-band, edge or notch filters.  The coatings can be designed for the following wavelength ranges:

  • UV (250-380 nm)      [UV = Ultra-Violet]
  • VIS (380-750 nm)     [VIS = Visible]
  • NIR (750-1400 nm)   [NIR = Near Infra-Red]
  • SWIR (1.4-3.0 µm)   [SWIR = Short Wavelength Infra-Red]
  • MWIR (3.0-8.0 µm)   [MWIR = Mid Wavelength Infra-Red]
  • LWIR (8.0-15 µm)    [LWIR = Long Wavelength Infra-Red]

Iridian can fabricate coatings with oxides, nitrides, selenides, fluorides, sulphides and numerous metal thin films.

Iridian will coat customer supplied parts or can procure the parts directly on behalf of the customer so as to provide a complete solution.


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