Short Pass Filter C-L Band Splitter

Iridian's edge pass filters have a very sharp transition between the reflect and pass bands while still maintaining very low insertion loss and pass band ripple. Low ripple in the pass band makes these filters suitable to meet the demanding specifications of telecom environments.

Our EPF product line includes both short pass filters (SPF) and long pass filters (LPF) and can be designed for various angles of incidence (AOI).

Product Specifications:

Optical Specifications
Filter Name Short Pass Filter C/L Band Splitter
Angle of Incidence [degrees] 1.8
Operating Wavelength Range [nm] 1528.4 to 1620
Pass Band Ripple [dB] < 0.15
Pass Band Range 1528.4 - 1565.9
Peak Insertion Loss within Pass Band [dB] <0.15
Reflection Band Wavelength Range [nm] 1571.5 - 1620
Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB] > 30
Reflect Channel Isolation [dB] >15
AR on Back Surface [%R] < 0.2
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) [dB] < 0.05
Temperature Coefficient [pm/deg C] <2
Operating Temperature Range [deg C] -40 to +85
Storage Temperature Range [deg C] -40 to +85
Physical Specifications
Part Size Width [mm] Length [mm] Thickness [mm]
1.4 (+/- 0.1) 1.4 (+/- 0.1) 1.4 (+/- 0.2)
Surface Quality 60/40
Wedge Angle [degs] 0 to 0.5
Environmental Testing Telcordia GR1221
Mechanical Durability Telcordia GR1221
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