Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing Dual Band

CWDM Dual Band filters are used to transmit one or more standard CWDM channels in two separate bands, also available for custom band width design in each band.

Iridian’s dual band filters have proved to be very popular in recent CWDM designs as they can reduce the number of required filters (and the associated packaging and alignment), minimize insertion loss and allow more compact module packaging.

GraphPassband Range [nm]Adjacent Channel Isolation [dB]Product
CWDM 1290 1350 Dual Band1260.0-1277.5; 1402.5-1417.5>30CWDM 1290 1350 Dual Band
CWDM 1270 1410 Dual Band1282.5-1297.5; 1342.5-1357.5>30CWDM 1270 1410 Dual Band
CWDM 1320(4s0) 1550 Dual Band1282.5-1357.5; 1542.5-1557.5>30CWDM 1320(4s0) 1550 Dual Band
CWDM 1430 1490 Dual Band1422.5-1437.5; 1482.5-1497.5>30CWDM 1430 1490 Dual Band
CWDM 1450 1590 Dual Band1442.5-1457.5; 1582.5-1597.5>30CWDM 1450 1590 Dual Band
CWDM 1470 1530 Dual Band1462.5-1477.5; 1522.5-1537.5>30CWDM 1470 1530 Dual Band
CWDM 1510 1570 Dual Band1462.5-1477.5 & 1522.5-1537.5>30CWDM 1510 1570 Dual Band

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