Linear Transmittance

Linear transmittance filters (LTF) are used for wavelength identification applications, employing a transmittance that changes linearly over a specified wavelength range. The LTF transmittance must be monotonic to provide a one-to-one correspondence between the filter transmittance and a given wavelength.

Iridian is experienced in the design and manufacture of numerous linear transmittance filters. They feature low substrate-etalon ripple, custom slope and dynamic ranges with low linearity tolerance.

In addition to the standard LTF, Iridian can custom-manufacture these filters to your specifications.

GraphWavelength Range [nm]Product
LTF C-Band Negative Slope1520 - 1570LTF C-Band Negative Slope
LTF 45 Degree C-Band1520 - 1570LTF 45 Degree C-Band
LTF C-Band Positive Slope1520 - 1570LTF C-Band Positive Slope
LTF 003 7nm Range1554.5 - 1561.5LTF 003 7nm Range
LTF C-L Band Positive Slope1520 - 1620LTF C-L Band Positive Slope
LTF C-L Band Negative Slope1520 - 1620LTF C-L Band Negative Slope

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